Meet Our Tacoma Chiropractors and Massage Therapy Providers!

We comprise an all inclusive center to meet your needs.  The two chiropractors (Robert Stalder, DC and Cessalie Stalder, DC) that opened the business in 2009 are a husband and wife team committed to your health. Additionally, there are two chiropractors (Nicholas Thorburn, DC and Lupe Sanchez, DC) along with 4 licensed massage therapists and a caring staff that can assist you on to a road of better health. Our office is unique as we use the patient centered approach to health care. We customize your treatment plan as it relates to your needs and goals. Our chiropractors have spent over 8 years working in conjunction with and were endorsed by the Franciscan Medical Group from 2001-2009.  Today they work closely with all primary doctors, specialists, physical therapists and surgeons throught the south sound medical groups such as Kaiser, MultiCare, CHI Franciscan, and many independent providers.  We take pride in working with other medical collegues when necessary to provide the safest and most effective comprehensive care for our patients. 

If you’re looking to add chiropractic and massage therapy to your healthcare team, then we want to be a part of it. At Tacoma Chiropractic Center, We’ve Got Your Back!

  • Robert Stalder
  • Cessalie Stalder
  • Nick Thorburn
  • Lupe Sanchez
  • Kristal Sanchez
  • Liliya Dailey
  • Karmalee Morina
  • Brittney Remneff
  • Greg Collins
  • Danielle Front Desk
  • Emily Chiropractic Assistant

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