Work Related Injuries FAQs

Whether you work in an office or out on the field, there may come a time when you suffer a work-related injury. Getting proper treatment for your injury is key to your recovery. These FAQs from Tacoma Chiropractic Center in Tacoma explain more about the causes of work injuries and how chiropractic care can help with treatment.


What are some common causes of work injuries?

Work injuries can happen at any time, in almost any type of work environment. Injuries like slips and falls can sometimes be caused by carelessness or an unsafe work environment. Poor posture, stress, poor ergonomics, overexertion, falling objects, heavy lifting, and repetitive motions are other possible causes of injuries in the workplace.

What are some common workplace injuries?

Workplace accidents can cause injuries like muscle strains, joint sprains, back pain, dislocated shoulders, frozen shoulders, herniated discs, broken bones, spinal misalignments, and more. If you’re feeling musculoskeletal pain or discomfort after a workplace accident, contact our chiropractor to schedule a checkup. We’ll provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your condition and recommend treatment for pain relief.  

What should I do if I suffer a workers injury?

First, notify your immediate supervisor that you’ve been injured so there’s a record of the accident. Then seek medical assistance to diagnose your injury so you can get treatment. For muscle, joint, tendon, ligament or nerve injuries, our Tacoma chiropractor can provide non-invasive, chiropractic work injury treatment. Chiropractic care can help relieve the pain and discomfort of musculoskeletal work injuries and help your body heal naturally.

How does chiropractic care help with work injury treatment?

Upon visiting our center, our chiropractor will review your medical history, discuss details of your accident and take note of your symptoms. Then we’ll perform a physical exam to pinpoint the source of your pain and diagnose your condition.

Spinal misalignments are often the cause of neck, shoulder, and back pain from a workers injury. Through chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractor can restore balance to your spinal system to relieve pain and restore body movement. Spinal decompression can help relieve pain and discomfort of herniated or bulging discs. Massage will ease muscle and joint tension caused by strains and sprains and will circulate blood to these areas so they can heal. We’ll also recommend stretches and rehab exercises to strengthen core muscles and restore flexibility and mobility.

See Our Tacoma Chiropractor for Workers Injury Treatment

Chiropractic care promotes quicker healing from musculoskeletal work injuries so you can get back on your feet. It offers an alternative to surgery or the use of prescription drugs for your recovery. To schedule a consultation for chiropractic work injury treatment at Tacoma Chiropractic Center in Tacoma, contact us at 253-759-1500.

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