Sports Injury Treatment

Athletes are in optimum condition and very physically fit. However, that doesn't mean they can't be injured while playing. Visiting a sports injury chiropractor is the best way to get back on the road to recovery. After an athletic injury, you will need sufficient time to heal. Proper chiropractic care will hasten the healing process and allow you to begin getting back into shape. After a few weeks, you will be able to return to competitive play. At Tacoma Chiropractic Center, we treat a variety of conditions, including sports injuries.


Special Care for Unique Injuries

Many sports-related injuries are unique and may not happen at any other time. These sport-specific injuries require special care if the athlete expects to return to their sport of choice. Athletic injuries need to be treated so that the athlete can return to competitive play without being at a disadvantage. During the healing process, it's important that they can maintain their existing strength without adversely impacting their injury. Deep tissue massage and chiropractic adjustments can help stabilize and strengthen the injured area.

Chiropractic Care and Sports Rehabilitation

Chiropractic care and sports rehabilitation consist of many treatment options. Chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage (to improve blood flow), Kinesio taping, and functional rehabilitation exercises are included to ensure all the injured tissues heal properly, allowing the athlete to resume playing as soon as physically possible. Your sports injury chiropractor knows how important it is to be able to return to the field in top condition.

Getting Back in Shape

After an athletic injury, the last stage of healing is rebuilding your strength, stamina, and physical capabilities. Once your injury has started healing, your chiropractor may allow you to start exercising. Take the process slowly and build your strength gradually. Your team of sports trainers will work with your chiropractor to ensure you don't push too far, too fast and reinjure the area. As you get stronger and your range of motion and flexibility improve, you can begin to work a little harder.

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