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The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that extends from your low back and down each leg. This nerve runs through your hips and buttocks, as well. Sciatica is a term used when there is a compression of that nerve that causes pain. This nerve is on both sides of the body, but usually, only one side is impacted at a time. This compression causes inflammation, pain, and numbness going down the body, possibly into the feet and toes. If you live in the Tacoma area and suffer from pain related to the sciatic nerve, visit Tacoma Chiropractic Center and learn how we can help you live a better, pain-free life.


What are the Symptoms?

There are some common symptoms of sciatica, which include pain in the lower back, pain in the back of the legs that increases when sitting, and pain in the hip. One may feel a burning or tingling sensation going down the leg. There may be weakness or numbness in the leg or foot. One may have difficulty moving their feet. There may be consistent pain in one of the buttocks. There may also be a pain that shoots down the leg making it difficult to stand up.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica can affect anyone but some risk factors increase your chances. If a person has conditions such as degenerative disc disease, lumbar spinal stenosis, and muscle spasms, these can be factors that cause sciatica. Your age can be a factor because as you age your spine changes and can cause herniated discs and bone spurs, which are fairly common causes of sciatica. Being overweight can increase the pressure and stress on your spine which can make your spine change and possibly cause sciatica.

Our Chiropractors Treat Sciatica

One of our chiropractors can help you manage and eliminate the pain caused by this condition. Chiropractic care can be used to realign your spine to reduce pressure and eliminate discomfort. Our chiropractor will teach you strengthening exercises to provide additional relief. We will relieve your sciatica symptoms without having to rely on addictive pain medications or invasive procedures like surgery. Don’t let daily pain keep you from doing the things that you love. Call Tacoma Chiropractic Center today at (253) 759-1500 to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors.

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