Dr. Cessalie Stalder

Dr. Cessalie Stalder

My interest in chiropractic began when I was playing for my high school soccer team and suffered repeated injuries. I would go to the chiropractor for the contusions, sprain strains and the typical injuries seen in soccer but I also went for regular adjustment and nutritional recommendations which helped me perform better and to get the scholarship I wanted. Since that time I graduated from SCUHS with a Doctorate in Chiropractic with my undergraduate studies involving kinesiology (science of human movement) and nutrition. I incorporate my knowledge of nutrition, diet and exercise along with my chiropractic education to give patients the best SCUHS opportunity for pain relief and improved quality of life. Together with my husband we have designed Tacoma Chiropractic Center to be a place for you to not only feel better but to also learn how to manage conditions yourself with sound advice and recommendations. My greatest professional achievements are seeing patients improve their quality of life by making healthy decisions, being pain free, free of medication or avoiding surgery.

When I’m not in the office I enjoy spending time with my family on the fields, parks or water! As a Chiropractor, wife and mother of three, I understand that keeping healthy with fitness and good nutrition is key to keeping up with life. There’s no better feeling than participating alongside the kids playing tag, soccer, swimming or baseball and being and active part of their life.


Cessalie Stalder, DC

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