Take Control of What You Can

This was forwarded to me by a college and career counselor. I hope this can help you and your family get through this tough time which can lead to increased anxiety, stress, anger and frustration.   Stay Strong Everyone!

I know these times are frustrating, scary, boring, confusing and unprecedented. The isolation can start to wear on you, so I wanted to give you all some ideas to help navigate this period of stress, anxiety and social distancing. This is your chance to show your grit. You are going to be the next Greatest Generation.


Take Control of what you can



  • Get Ready for the day: It is easy to hang out in pajamas, not take a shower or brush your hair but it starts to affect how you feel. These are times when we feel out of control. Control the things you can.


  • Keep things clean and organized: When your life feels out of control it is helpful if you keep your surroundings under control.


  • Try something new: You could learn to cook, speak a foreign language, a new computer language, how to play a musical instrument, how to make crafts or knit a scarf. The opportunities are endless, and the internet has so many resources.


  • Take advantage of your free time: There is a Stanford essay prompt that says, “If you were given an extra hour in the day how would you use it”. Many of my students write that they would spend the extra hour with their family. You have a unique opportunity to spend time with the family before you head out on your own. Take advantage of it!


  • Help Others:
    • Help around the house.
    • Help an elderly neighbor with yard work or garbage cans.
    • Help younger siblings with their education.

These are the ways some of my students are helping others:

  • Sisters are calling neighbors who are in the high-risk group and asking if they can pick up groceries for them.
  • One student built his own 3D printer and is now trying to make plastic protective shields for healthcare workers.


  • Call your Grandparents or people you know are at risk: As hard as this is on you, your grandparents may feel even more isolated and they are at higher risk.


Staying Social


  • Hang out with friends and family virtually:
    • Google Hangout or Google Meet
    • Zoom
    • Skype
    • Facetime
    • House Party
    • Video Games
    • Online book clubs



Stress Relief


  • Limit time watching the news or updates on social media: You cannot process all the information out there and it can really start to get you down.







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