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Functional Rehabilitation Chiropractor

Functional Rehabilitation Chiropractor

Our chiropractic treatments include Graston Technique, massage therapy, Active Release Therapy.We treat back pain, neck pain, shoulders, arms and legs. Our team specializes in the sports injuries, auto and work injuries, pain resulting from poor posture or sleeping positions, or general aches and pains. Every technique we use is proven to be safe and effective in aiding in the healing and removal of pain in your joints and muscles.

Experiencing pain in different parts of your body can cause additional stress and strain. At Tacoma Chiropractic Center, we offer a comprehensive approach alleviating pain and promoting total body health. Our team has served the Tacoma and the surrounding communities since 2001, providing state-of-the-art methods and techniques to restore, relieve, and prevent further injuries through safe, effective chiropractic care.

Conditions Treated at Tacoma Chiropractic Center

All services offered are designed to restore range of motion, mobility, and flexibility and reduce or completely remove pain. Our treatment plans include post-treatment care to educate and monitor patients after treatment is complete to ensure they continue operating pain-free. Our goal is to help restore a functional quality of life and prevent further deviation from an active lifestyle. Every customized plan is centered on relief care, corrective care, and continuous care. We want to make sure you recognize the activities that caused your pain, understand how the treatment helps alleviate that pain, and the symptoms that you may experience if the pain starts to reoccur.

Conditions Treated at Tacoma Chiropractic Center
Get in Touch with the Team!

Get in Touch with the Team!

Are you ready to get rid of the pain? It’s time to put your well-being first. We work with insurance companies and personal injury attorneys to assist in getting the care and information you need. If you are suffering from injuries related to a work incident, sports or auto accident, contact someone our Tacoma, WA office to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors or massage therapist today. We’ll make sure you are on the road to recovery. Give us a call at (253) 759-1500

Meet The Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Robert Stalder
    Dr. Robert Stalder

    Thank you for your interest in Tacoma Chiropractic Center. I’ve been helping patients improve their quality of life through chiropractic care since 1998. If you’re reading this than you are probably experiencing some form of pain or ache that’s preventing you from exercising, working, sleeping or general everyday life things and we’re here to help you.

  • Dr. Cessalie Stalder
    Dr. Cessalie Stalder

    My interest in chiropractic began when I was playing for my high school soccer team and suffered repeated injuries. I would go to the chiropractor for the contusions, sprain strains and the typical injuries seen in soccer but I also went for regular adjustment and nutritional recommendations which helped me perform better and to get the scholarship I wanted.

  • Dr. Nick Thorburn
    Dr. Nick Thorburn

    Dr. Nick received his Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Central Washington University and obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer West Chiropractic College.

    During his time at Palmer West, Dr. Nick took an early leading role as a member of the Sports Council where he treated a wide variety of athletes, ranging from high school volleyball to professional triathletes. He enjoys playing sports, exercising, hiking with his dogs, and spending time with his family during his free time.

  • Dr. Lupe Sanchez
    Dr. Lupe Sanchez

    Dr. Lupe Sanchez grew up in Southern Oregon before relocating to Portland,Oregon to where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biologyand Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in2011. Dr. Sanchez stresses the crucial nature of properly functioningmusculoskeletal and nervous systems to achieve optimal patient health. Heis an adamant believer in the importance of a natural, holistic approach topatient care. Dr. Sanchez ardently emphasizes patient education andultimately giving his patients the knowledge, confidence, and toolsnecessary to take an active role in their recovery to optimum health andfuture injury prevention.

  • Kristal Sanchez, LMT
    Kristal Sanchez LMT

    Kristal Sanchez, LMT joined the team at Tacoma Chiropractic Center in November 2013. Since graduating from Ashmead College School of Massage Therapy in 2008 she has worked in the chiropractic field. Kristal integrates a number of treatment techniques offering both deep tissue and Swedish style massage. She has had continuing education and is certified in medical massage techniques. Kristal works closely with the chiropractic staff to develop individual treatment plans for each patient. She has a great clinical approach and enjoys working with all types of patients including the needs of those recovering from motor vehicle accidents, work injuries and pregnancy.

  • Liliya Dailey, LMT
    Liliya Dailey LMT

    Liliya Dailey, LMP has been with Tacoma Chiropractic Center since November 2016. Since graduating from Everest College in 2015, she has had experience with a variety of deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques to best fit any condition she is faced with. Liliya enjoys medical massage and choosing the best treatment plan according to each individual; whether it is related to stress, work, injury, motor vehicle accident, cancer treatments, or pregnancy. She coordinates her care with the health care providers to give the highest quality care and the best possible outcomes.

  • Greg Collins, LMT
    Greg Collins, LMT

    Greg comes to Tacoma Chiropractic Center with over 15 years of massage therapy experience. He obtained his National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1994 from New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.

    His expertise includes the treatment of both children and adults, team sports, injuries, stress, pregnancy-related conditions, and deep tissue massage with an emphasis of Trigger Point Therapy.

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How Our Team Can Help

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing each of our patients with high-quality care so that they receive the best service possible in Tacoma.

Quality Services

Our staff is trained and knowledgeable about the latest procedures, tools, and techniques to properly care for our patients.

Individual Approach

Each of our patients requires something different and we are focused on meeting their individual needs with a customized treatment plan.

A Better Care Experience
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Learn how we can help with your pain

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Learn how we can help with your pain

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