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Work Injury

Work Injuries in Tacoma

Being injured on the job can dramatically reduce your quality of life. Work injury such as slips and falls or overuse injury require focused treatment. Without it, the injury can get worse over time, heal improperly and/or become a chronic condition.

Fortunately, chiropractic care is a highly effective pathway to relief. Your Tacoma chiropractor Tacoma Chiropractic Center is your source for deep, lasting healing and pain relief. We treat injuries at their source so that ideal, permanent healing can occur. Your wounds will mend more rapidly so you can get back to work and enjoy all of the activities you normally do.

work injury treatment from our chiropractor in tacoma

The Potential Long-Term Effects of Work Injuries

Work injuries can take many forms and result from numerous causes, including:
• Slips and falls
• Broken bones
• Overuse
• Improper form
• Poor posture
• Bad ergonomics
• Pulled muscles
• Damaged spinal discs
• Pinched nerve
• Torn ligaments

No matter what type of work injury you suffer, it is crucial to get treatment as soon as possible. While the injury may heal and resolve on its own, if it is not set correctly, it can heal in an imbalanced way. This can lead to chronic pain and ongoing discomfort both at work and in your personal life.

Difficulty performing your normal tasks at work can lead to issues with your employer and, in extreme cases, job loss. The effects of an inadequately treated work injury can spill over into all aspects of life, preventing the enjoyment of daily activities.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment for Nearly Every Type of Work Injury

Fortunately, effective, safe, non-invasive help is available. Your Tacoma chiropractor Tacoma Chiropractic Center offers chiropractic care and treatment for just about any type of work injury you can experience. While conventional Western forms of treatment may address symptoms, they often stay just on the surface of the injury. Without continual treatment, symptoms can recur.

By contrast, with chiropractic adjustment and spinal manipulation, treatment is focused on addressing the root of the problem. This way, the problem can truly heal in a deep and lasting way.

Whole-Body Healing for Your Work Injury

Chiropractic care helps to restore balance and alignment to the affected area. If there is a pinched nerve, chiropractic adjustment can help to relieve pressure and alleviate the associated pain. Because healing is occurring at a deep and holistic level, symptoms naturally dissipate and do not recur. Pain is naturally addressed, and comfort and quality of life can be restored.

Contact Us Today for Work Injury Care

Treating the underlying cause of your work injury is key to its full resolution. Your Tacoma chiropractor Tacoma Chiropractic Center is dedicated to finding the safest, least invasive and most effective route to your healing and return to work possible. Early, effective treatment can also help to prevent reinjury or future work injuries.
If you’re injured at work, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

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